Sponsored in conjunction with the Burr Ridge Chess Club.

We meet almost every Friday nights at the Burr Ridge Community Center.

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St. John United Church - Christ

1475 W. Algonquin Road, Palatine, IL 60067

*** We will be in the BASEMENT***

(Facing the church, the door to the basement is to the left of the main entrance)



Quad: 1600 and over.

U1600: Under 1600 and unrated.

1501 – 1599 may play up in the quad section, USCF Regular Rating determines eligibility.


Rounds, Formats and Time Control:

Quad: Four players with similar ratings will be placed in the same quad; 3-round Round Robin. G/60; d10 (10 second delay), USCF Regular Rated.

U1600: 4SS G/40; d5, USCF Dual Rated (Regular and Quick rated).


Entry Fee:

$15 before Friday, $20 after, $25 on-site.


Registration closes the night before the tournament day at 8 PM.


Schedule: (Please note the new time):

  • Check in and registration 8:00 – 8:30 AM; players must check in by 8:30.
  • First round 8:45 AM, lunch, rest ASAP
  • Quad section expected to be done before 6 PM.
  • U1600 section expected to be done before 4 PM.

Master and Expert Entries:  First five Masters and Experts play for free. If your USCF regular rating is 2000 or higher, email your name and USCF ID to HiroHiguchi@Rocketmail.com the day before the tournament to pre-register.


Your Prize: 

Players with perfect score, all wins with no draw/losses, in any section gets free entry in future Higuchi Quads. 



Mexican Cruisine across the street.

Other fast-foods are less than .5 miles away!



Pace bus (#696) – Algonquin/Roselle - .2 miles away!


Union Pacific Northwest to Palatine – 4.1 miles away!


Other information: Bring digital clocks and boards, limited amount supplied.  Limit 50 player capacity. 

For more information, contact Hiro Higuchi at HiroHiguchi@rocketmail.com or via text/call at (847) 602-7726