**Sunday Tournament**


Sponsored in conjunction with Dynamic Chess, Inc.

“Dynamic chess was created to bring more scholastic chess to the Chicagoland and surrounding areas through school programs, tournaments, camps, and other events”

Link: http://dynamicchessinc.com



Armenian General Benevolent

7248 North Harlem Ave, Chicago IL 60631

*Please note that we will be locking the doors at 3 PM, so make sure you let someone know or make sure you have my number (located at the bottom of the flier) so we can let you back in*



Quad: 1600 and over.

U1600: Under 1600 and unrated.

1501 – 1599 may play up in the quad section, USCF Live Regular Rating determines eligibility.


Rounds, Formats and Time Control:

Quad: Four players with similar ratings will be placed in the same quad; 3-round Round Robin.  Time controls are G/80; d5 for round 1 and 2, and G/60; +30 increments for final round.

U1600: 5SS G/40; d5, USCF Dual Rated (Come whenever, leave whenever; multiple byes available).


Entry Fee:

$10 before Friday, $15 after, $20 on-site.

Online registration closes the night before the tournament day at 8 PM.



Quad section:

  1. Round 1 will start at 9:45 AM, followed by lunch.
  2. Round 2 will start 1:30 (or earlier if you and your quad opponent are ready)
  3. Final round will start at 4:40 (or earlier if you and your quad opponent are ready).
  4. Tournament should end around 7 PM.

Swiss system section:

  1. Round 1 will start at 9:45 AM, round 2 11:15, lunch
  2. Round 3 1:30 PM, Round 4 3:00, Round 5 4:30.
  3. Byes are available any round, tournament should end around 6 PM.


Your Prize: 

Winner of each quad will receive a free entry to any of my upcoming tournament (Electronic record).


Potential Post-tournament game ideas:

  1. Blitz tournament: G/3; +2 second increment or G/5; d0, player’s choice
  2. Chess Pong (doubles): Like chess boxing, but instead of boxing, we will be playing ping pong.



Wendy’s, Mugs Pizza & Ribs, Nick’s Drive-in, Dollar Tree, Siam Treasure within .1 mile.


Other information:

Bring digital clocks and boards, limited amount supplied.

For more information, contact Hiro Higuchi at HiroHiguchi@rocketmail.com or via text/call at (847) 602-7726